Making Business Better!

Merchant Protection Services, LLC  was founded on the principles of helping merchants understand the risks of chargebacks involved with processing transactions.

The lack of education around this subject has caused too many merchants to unknowingly jeopardize their business by not implementing critical processing staples, leaving their business unprotected.
In our time spent on the back side of chargebacks, we have come to realize that by educating these merchants on the front end providing them with the tools, analytic data, and resources, we can help these merchants understand what changes they can make internally when procesing transactions.  Those changes include individualized industry suggestions, customer service best practices, website and terms clarification, transaction data capture, and much more.
  1. Industry suggestions
    Industry suggestions
    Each industry comes with it's own set of chargeback risks. Understanding those unique risks and how you can limit them will help you protect your business.
  2. Customer Service
    Customer Service
    How your customer service manages your customers can increase or decrease your chargeback counts as well. We will help you understand the best practices for your customer service.
  3. Website and Terms
    Website and Terms
    A businesses website and terms has a major impact on receiving and disputing chargebacks. Understanding what your customer and their bank needs to see can reduce the risk of chargebacks.
  4. Transaction Data
    Transaction Data
    Transaction data captured, Reason codes for disputes and other data is key to understanding the fractures in your business foundation. Our team will analize that data and provide customized suggestions.
Build A Solid Foundation

The key to building  a successful business
is ensuring you have built a solid foundation!

Merchant Protection Services can help you build that foundation offering the tools, resources and analytic data
to properly protect your investment.

Partnership Opportunities

We are currently looking for potential partners to offer these services to your clients.  The time is now to educate your merchants about the hazzards of chargebacks and the real risks of losing their merchant account alltogether if they are not protecting their business from the destruction of chargeback disputes. 
Don't wait until they are already in trouble contact us today.